High performance treatment for rising damp. Fast, clean, and effective damp-proofing with Dryrod.
Rising damp and salt damage to walls
Whenever rising damp or salt damage to internal walls is diagnosed, it is important to have the condition correctly treated, as failure to do so can cause further damage and devaluation to any property.
It is not sufficient to simply cover up the problem with a special paint or coating in the hope that the problem will go away. Only by preventing the dampness rising up the internal masonry can an effective treatment be achieved.
Dryrod eradicates damp
Dryrod damp-proofing rods are patented, 12mm diameter grooved rods that carry a powerful water-repellent material. The rods are inserted into pre-drilled 12mm holes along the mortar lines of a building. The water-repellent they carry diffuses deeply into the damp masonry, curing to form a highly effective barrier to damp. This forms a damp-proof course which stops further rising damp from occurring and helps the wall to dry out.
Tests have shown that Dryrod has much better diffusion characteristics than conventional damp-proofing products. Dryrod has many advantages over conventional damp treatments:
  • Deep penetration, proven spread gives a complete treatment every time
  • Simple application, just drill and insert rod (no application equipment needed)
  • Exact dose in each hole
  • Low hazard, non caustic, non flammable and solvent free
  • Spillage and mess eliminated
  • Consistent application, easy to estimate usage
  • Superior performance
Dryrod is effective even where the wall is:
  • Highly saturated
  • Cold or warm (it can be used in freezing conditions)
  • Very porous
  • Highly alkaline (new mortar)
  • With low alkalinity (old mortar)
Set your SDS drill to rotary hammer.
Select a 12mm drill bit in excess of 190mm in length. A Dryzone drill bit is recommended for enhanced debris removal.
Mark drill bit 190mm from the tip.
A row of holes should be drilled at 120mm intervals along the lowest accessible mortar course.
Drill holes the full 190mm ensuring you reduce your drilling pressure once you are approximately 150mm into the wall. Reducing pressure ensures a cleaner hole and prevents damage to the far side of the wall.
Where mortar is fully saturated:
Re-drill the holes twice to remove any excess debris.
If excess debris continues to obstruct full rod insertion the Dryzone hole clearing tool can be used to ensure the hole is completely clear.
Damp-proofing rod insertion:
Wearing suitable gloves remove the rods one by one from the packet, inserting a single rod into each hole. Ensure the rods are recessed approximately 5mm from the brick face while trying not to force the rod into the hole.
When installing internally performance will not be affected if the rods protude where mortar has been eroded. Holes will be covered during redecoration.
Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from frost. Store foil packages flat.

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