Raincheck masonry water-repellents

Safeguard's Raincheck range of products are designed to eliminate problems arising from rainwater penetration into masonry.

They impart water-repellency to masonry without affecting the finish of the substrate (though some slight darkening may occur). 

Rain penetration into masonry can occur in buildings of all ages. At its most obvious, it penetrates right through the wall and is visible as a damp patch on the internal wall. However, rainwater penetration can be damaging to a property, even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall. For example, moss growth, increased heat loss, and frost damage can be caused by rain penetration into masonry.

Two formaulations are available in the Raincheck range; Raincheck, and Raincheck Plus, both of which benefit from high UV resistance, which is particularly important in the South African climate. Raincheck is a general purpose product which can be used on most substrates with a pH of 10.5 or below. For substrates with a pH of above 10.5, such as newly-pointed brickwork, Raincheck Plus should be used.

Raincheck is a colourless water-repellent based on UV resistant siloxane resins. It is sold ready-to use and should be applied in 2 coats “wet-on-wet” i.e the first coat should not be allowed to dry out before the second coat is applied.

Surfaces should be thoroughly prepared before application. If re-pointing is necessary, the mortar should be allowed to age for 2-3 weeks before treatment. All dirt, grime and grease should be removed with a non-detergent cleaner prior to treatment.

Application is by brush, Lambswool roller or coarse spray.

Each litre of Raincheck will cover approximately 3.5sqm in one coat.

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