Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters are a useful addition to any professional dampproofer’s range of equipment. 
They give certainty to the visible evidence of damp by determining the extent of the damp in the walls and floors.
Unlike Infra Red cameras which give a good display of the heat variation on the surface of a substrate, and thus highlighting the possible presence of damp, a good moisture meter is able to determine the presence of damp 2-3cm below the surface of the substrate. It is, therefore, not only able to “see” damp in the brickwork beneath plaster or the slab beneath floor tiles, but it is also less susceptible to being misled by surface moisture from recent rainfall, irrigation systems and even excessive humidity.
Safeguard has a range of moisture meters that meet the needs of both painters and dampproofers as well as those engaged in producing detailed reports on damp for prospective property owners.
The following products are stocked:
Digital Mini Moisture Meter – suitable for painters and for those needing moisture levels on the surface of a substrate 
Moisture Measurement system (MMS) – the latest equipment for the dampproofing professional
Mini 2000 Moisture Meter – giving both surface and sub-surface readings
Doser DM4A Hygro Meter – calibrated separately for different substrates
For more information on these and other moisture meters contact us on 011 708 3603 or 021 982 5131.

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