SWS SafeCrete

SWS SafeCrete is a cement-based waterproofing coating, used for sealing and protecting structures exposed to penetrating damp.
SWS SafeCrete is based on the successful SA Tanking  (SWS Slurry) tested by Taywood Engineering in UK. It may be used as a waterproof protective covering to external and internal brickwork and incorporates a colour pigment. Tested to resist 3 bars of water pressure, it represents an ideal one-time application giving a waterproof, plaster finish. Suitable for RDP homes, perimeter walls and natural cement finishes on internal walls.
  • No need for surface to be dry, can be applied on to damp substrate.
  • Excellent waterproof barrier.
  • Excellent adhesion properties to sound substrate.
  • Ease of application, simply mix and apply by brush.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Can be used to produce a smooth, floated or bag-wash finish. 
  • Saves time, labour and cost in a one-time, waterproof, coloured finish
Each 25kg bag will cover 16m² in one coat.
The above figure will depend on site conditions and thickness of application.
Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean, properly cured and sound. All loose material must be removed mechanically, either by wire brush or sand/water blasting. The surface must be free from oil, 
paint, grease or any other product that might reduce the bonding process.
Mixing Instructions
SWS SafeCrete is a two component system, requiring the addition of pre-diluted Bondaid Plus (Liquid).
a.Mixing Bondaid Plus (liquid)
  • Use a clean empty container and add 5 litres of undiluted Bondaid Plus into the container.
  • Add 20 litres of clean water to the container.
  • This will make 25 litres of pre-diluted Bondaid Plus.
b.Mixing SWS SafeCrete (Powder) and Pre-diluted Bondaid Plus (Liquid)
  • Only mix sufficient product that can be used within 40 minutes.
  • Pour pre-diluted Bondaid Plus (Liquid) into a clean mixing bucket. 8 litres of pre-diluted liquid is required per 25Kg bag of SWS SafeCrete.
  • Slowly add SWS SafeCrete (Grey powder) to liquid while mixing (mechanical mixer is preferred).
  • A lump-free consistency should be obtained.
  • Let product stand for 5 minutes and re-temper if necessary.
SWS SafeCrete can be applied with a trowel to produce a plaster-type finish or with a hard bristle brush to produce a bag-wash finish
Dampen the substrate thoroughly with clean water before applying SWS SafeCrete.
Ensure that the substrate is still damp, apply the first coat with a hard bristle brush or trowel to a 
thickness of 2mm – 3mm depending upon the type of finish required.
Once the first coat has dried sufficiently (2 to 6 hours) a second coat can be applied.
The maximum thickness in one application should not exceed 3mm.
Protect from wind and direct sunlight for at least 12 hours and dampen from time to time to prevent rapid drying out and cracking.
Uncured SWS SafeCrete can be removed with water.
Cured material can only be removed mechanically.
Strength: 28 days 53N/m
Tensile strength: 28 days 4.5
Flexural strength: 28 days 11
Adhesive strength: 28 days 3.1
Initial cure: 24 hours
Full cure: 28 days
Cleaning: Uncured – water, Cured – mechanical
Coverage: 6m² in two coats
Packaging: 25kg bags
Store in a cool, dry place.
Health and Safety
Material safety data sheet available on request.

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