Torch-on Membrane

Torch-on membrane has been one of the most successful waterproofing products for the protection of flat roofs, balconies and even subterranean walls.

It has been used in South Africa for the past 30-40 years and comes in various thicknesses and finishes. However, what is important is the quality of product. Our climatic conditions are almost unique with extreme Ultra Violet attack coupled with temperature variations ranging from -15ºC to 50ºC. For this reason it is vital that the membranes used are Atactic-Polypropylene (APP) Modified Bituminous Membrane which have been thoroughly tested by a reputable industry body, such as the European Board of Agréments, with a proven track record in this country.
Safeguard uses only products supplied by Vetroasfalto, an Italian manufacturer, whose products have been used in this country over several decades.
The range of products includes:
  • Vetroasfalto Systema 4mm APP Plain finish
  • Vetroasfalto Systema 3mm APP Plain finish
  • Vetroasfalto Systema 3mm APP Mineral Chip finish – Green, Grey, Red
  • Vetroasfalto SAPPI 4mm APP Plain
  • Vetroasfalto SAPPI Ala 4mm APP Plain
These products, if properly installed by one of our approved applicators and regularly re-painted with Bitumen Aluminium Paint, have a guaranteed life of 10 years and should last even longer.
For more information on these products please call us on 011 708 3603 or 021 982 5131

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